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Jerry Capizzi is done?

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Did anyone else know about this auction ?

I opened up my latest issue of Hemmings and there was the ad on Page 130/131... all (or at least a good size) of his collection is up for auction next month including the 37 Coupe Roy Thorson restored a number of years ago.

I'm suprised nothing was mentioned in the latest TWOTZ - these things usually do take time to set-up and market and so I think Jerry's planned this for some time.

I'd be interested in reading others comments and speculation on this.

Especially any guesses as to what the various cars (esp. the 37 Coupe) might go for?

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Either he's done, or he figured this is the ideal time to cash out <img src="http://forums.aaca.org/images/graemlins/cool.gif" alt="" />. A nice -- but not *as* nice -- '37 coupe went at a recent RM auction (Meadowbrook, I believe) for about 85K. Or what about the '38 LZ convertible coupe from the Dingman collection (another RM auction) that sold for $260K? Good grief. In any case, I figure the Capizzi car will easily top 100K.

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