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1936 Dodge Sedan four door

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So this guy should have built an old Ford and put a Mopar in it. That sounds more correct.

I have a friend that points out all the old Fords with Chevrolet motors in them every time we go to a rod run.

Nobody is getting things right except us......

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There is 28 Victory Six on Portland Craigs list (or was) That has a Ford engine in it. The seller stated that Henry and the Dodge brothers were in cahoots of some sort and niether would be here now if not for the other. He stated that the Ford motor was in line with being correct for what he was up to.

Never heard that one before.

Henry Ford and the Dodge Brothers were not in cahoots, they just had a business agreement. Back in 1903 Henry Ford was in need of engines, transmissions and axles, items the brothers Dodge made. In return for agreeing to make parts only for Ford, and for tooling everything with their own finances, the Dodge brothers received 10% of the issued stock.

Around 1912 Henry Ford announced he was going to start making his own parts and was going to build a huge factory to do it. With that, he declared Ford Motor Company was not going to pay out dividends. To which the Dodge brothers took him to court - and won.

With their multi-millions in now paid up dividends the Dodge brothers were able to expand their operations and come out with their own car. That angered old Henry so much he decided to buy out all non-Ford holdings. He had to borrow money to do it, the first and only time Henry went to the banks cap in hand.

But the Dodge brothers received another pile of cash from Henry. And that ended the relationship between the Ford Motor Company and the Dodge brothers.

No Dodge Brothers product ever used any Ford parts. Thus that Dodge with Ford engine would be enough to cause the Dodge brothers to roll over in their graves.

Ford would not have gotten off the ground without the Dodge Brothers, but the Dodge brothers were a successful manufacturer of engines and transmissions when Ford came along. They would have survived without Ford. As to whether there would have been a Dodge Brothers car is another matter, though.


Toronto, ON

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"Cahoots" generally infers something unsavoury - not illegal perhaps, but definitely shady.

In the case of Henry and the brothers Dodge, Henry did not tolerate tobacco or alcohol, while the brothers thought nothing of going out for a few drinks and, according to legend, getting into fights with fellow patrons. They were noted for covering the costs of the damages and also contributing to such civic causes as the Detroit Symphony.

Another anecdote about Henry concerns the recession of 1919-21. As with most car companies, by 1920 he had more cars than sales along with material purchased at inflated post-war rates. Most companies borrowed in order to provide cashflow, a number facing bankruptcy as a result, but Henry had a different idea.

He shipped his unsold cars to his dealers, COD, and were told if they didn't take, and pay for, the cars they would lose their dealerships. At this time Ford had over 50% of the market. So, the Ford Motor Company did survive on borrowed money, but on the dealers' debts and not Henry's.

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OK Bill,

I have been cahoots with several others that have not been unsavory.

To me it just means in partners or dealings of some sort.

Let me look that up.

The dictionary describes it as a partnership, especially involving shady dealings.

I guess I dont fall into the shady part.

Sounds like Henry went into Cahoots with his dealers now doesnt it. Although it doesnt sound like his dealerships were in Cahoots with him.

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