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Well here is yet another problem with my heap. It appears that the fan hub leaks like a sieve. Oil is slung all over the fan blade and radiator. I can see oil sitting at te bottom of the fan hub bearing. I just filled it and boy did it throw oil. So, any ideas about fixing this problem? Has anyone put any kind of bushings or seals in their fan hub bearing? I didn't see any previous posts about this problem.

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I put a modern neoprene lip seal in mine. You need to remove the fan blades and look inside the unit. Careful, there is a tiny two-gear pump in there that is essential to pump oil from the annular reservoir to the shaft bushing where it is needed.

You will find a crude felt seal towards the engine that is supposed to keep oil from getting out the aft end of the annular reservoir. I removed the original seal and glued in a modern, neoprene seal to the cup with JB Weld. The neoprene fits tightly around the fixed shaft (this shaft is about 5/8" dia) and it really stopped mine from leaking.

Many folks with these bushed fan bearings have replaced them with modern ball bearing units. You can either have a machinist rework your original unit or I think Bob's Automobilia sells one. Both options will cost a few bucks. But then you can forget about filling and keeping this unit full and holding oil.

ps don't tighten the belt any more than you need to with these cars. That belt only drives the fan and need not be nearly as tight as they are on a modern car. Looser belt will give you quite a bit more life on those little bushings in this thing.

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Good advice from Buicksplus.

My 31 is still OK without modification as long as I remember to put 30W oil in it before each touring season. But I agree that modern bearings and seals will eventually be needed.


I recently found an original spare fan hub for a 1931-57 Buick while doing my spring cleaning. 

Let me know if you need one...

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Thanks guys. I just checked Bob's Automobilia's website and I couldn't find it. I'll have to hunt up my catalog or give them a call Monday. Otherwise I'll do as Buickplus suggested. This think is leaking BIG TIME. It's slinging oil everywhere. I'm going to have to do something very soon. As usual, thanks for the advice.

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