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'38 special cold idle control question


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I'm stumped with this one.

The cold idle control on my '38 has always just flopped around and done nothing. Close examination revealed that the pointer portion was frozen in place, so I removed it and washed out all the grit and nastyness in the bimetal element.

When removed, there was the cup containing the coil and attached to the pointer, and a nut. Nothing between them.

When I went to reinstall it, I discovered that when the nut was tight, it was once again frozen. It looks like the cup on the back contacts the manifold, but there's no spot for it to index to. Once the nut is tight to the point that the cup has a little friction, the pointer part is stuck again. I can't imagine the bimetal coil having enough power to overcome that much drag.

The factory manual basically says it's set at the factory and don't diddle with it, except to set the pointer in the vertical position.

The cam flops around independant of the pointer.

I figure I should be able to move the pointer once it's reattached. Not so.

Am I missing something fundamental here? <img src="http://forums.aaca.org/images/graemlins/confused.gif" alt="" />

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