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need a set of 16" wheels that will fit on my 1941 Buick

Guest 41buick

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hello everyone,

I'm looking for a set of (4) steel 16" wheels for my 1941 buick. The tire size that will go on these wheels is 6.50-16. If anyone has any of these wheels please let me know and your price. Also, does anyone know if any other years or makes used a 16" wheel that will fit on my buick. like chevy cadillac etc etc. Please email me ross52@rochester.rr.com or respond through the forum. thank you for your help. mike

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I found that there are many wheels that are 16 inch, take the correct tire, have the right hub diameter and correct bolt pattern BUT won't accept the correct hub cap. It seems like the inner part of the wheel was changed whenever there was a significant change to the hubcap - also, the clips for the hubcap need to be at the right diameter.

Having said all this, I think I bought a couple of wheels for my '38 off a guy who had a '40 or '41. So, you are not necessarily limited to one year, just be careful of the hubcap issue.


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