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Low Oil light and dies out

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I just got my oil changed last week. The last two days as I am driving (as various speeds) the H to L Oil indicater on the dash will drop to L and say Low Oil and which time the car dies out. The dashboard remains lit but the cars just coasts until I apply the brakes. What gives?


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Does the car die before the Low Oil warning? Or, does the Low Oil warning come up, then the car dies? The reason I'm asking, sometime when a engine starts to die, the oil pressure will fall before the engine goes to a complete halt. Does it restart and does it stay started? The oil pressure actually controls the fuel pump. If the oil pressure drops below a certain pressure and stays there for a predetermined time, the fuel pump will shut down. I don't have my manual in front of me, but I think it 4LBS. Have you checked your oil level? The drain plug or filter may have let a lot of oil leak, and indeed you don't have pressure for lack of oil or maybe you have a bad oil pump. Of course, your problem my not be oil related at all, but checking the oil level would be my first thought, if its low, find out where the oil is leaking.

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