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HELP! 1930 Headlight Bezel & Lens NEEDED!

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Well, disaster number 250 tonight. I was driving my 1930 Business Coupe and hit a rather sharp bump. The headlight bezel tab broke and the lens flew off onto the pavement. It looked like it was in one piece as I was approaching it to pick it up. But, alas, I watched some jerk run it over busting it into a thousand pieces. It was like watching your dog get hit by a car. Well, not quite that bad. But, I am now in need of a headlight bezel and lens for my 1930 Model 46 Business Coupe. If anyone can help, I'd appreciate it.




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If you have some specifics about the lens I might be able to help you. Many years ago I was looking for a spare lens for my 30 Pontiac. The big wrecking yard in Spokane (not there any more) had a pair of lights that he said were off a Buick. The lamps were different but the lenses were an exact match. I still have them and two more of the same. There is a number on the edge. Can you give me that and the diameter?

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Thanks for your help, everyone. I have located some lenses and bezels, so, I guess for now I'm ok.

I'll look at the lenses when I get them and let you know the numbers and diameter. At least you will know if they will fit a 30 buick. Apparently these lenses were used on many cars. I know they're Tilt-Ray's.

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