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Buffalo BCA Nationals

Guest Greg Ross

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Guest Greg Ross

Folks,<BR>You missed quite a show, imagine 29 Reattas lined up in one place, it was an impressive site and I gathered a Record.<BR>I believe Barney is intending to put together an article for the Bugle covering this event, complete with pictures.<BR>For those of you who haven't had the opportunity to meet Barney in person, he's an absolute wealth of information, Thanks Barney for all the tidbits of good info. <BR>If Maui Blue Don McIntyre, Jr reads this, come on back direct, I didn't get the opportunity to finish the discussion with you on those OEM Parts we were talking about during the Show.<BR>I won't reveal to the World the Secret about the stash of parts you have! Unless of course you're ready to start parting with them!<BR>The General Meeting was informative as well, Flint in 2003 is going to be "The Event Not To Miss"<BR>To the fine folks there in Cheektowaga, it was a pleasure to meet you all and share a few days of exchange with some of the finest automobiles on Earth as the backdrop.<BR>I won't say we were blessed with great weather-oops Memphis C. might be reading this!<BR>BFN<BR>Greg Ross<BR>gmross@netcom.ca

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