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Hershey!! Maxwell gathering at HCCA tent


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Last fall we talked about getting together at Hershey.

I've gotten us a time at the HCCA tent. We will be meeting Thursday

October 5, at 3 PM.

I don't have an agenda at this point, I'm figuring on just meeting

one another and having a general Maxwell bull session. Hopefully we

will have some folks willing to share their knowledge of Maxwells

with those of us less knowledgable.

If someone wants to put together a short presentation on a specific

subject we can probably fit it in.

Please let me know if you can make it so we have some idea how many

to plan for. HCCA has asked for a small donation to cover expenses,

so I will be passing a small hat!

The HCCA tent is at RWO30.

Hope we see you all there,

Jim Dix

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