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Old AC Sparkplug Chart

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Finding the correct sparkplug is a real chore sometimes unless you have a car

newer than 1950.

This is for an AC G series from a sparkplug chart in an old Audels book dated

1951. Primarily for Pontiac but may apply to Chevy but not Buick. If anyone is interested

I will print the whole thing if I can. Yours M.L. Anderson.

Directly form 1945 AC Chart & a Chart on the Internet.

Cold at the top and progressivly Hotter toward the bottom!

AC 1945 interchangeable chart!

AC G-1, G-1 ½, & G-2 replaced by AC-81 Champion No # none

AC G-2 ½, G-3, & G- 3 ½ replaced by AC 82 Champion #D-6

AC G-4 ½ & G-5, replaced by AC-83 or 83-S Champion #D-9

AC G-6 & G-7 replaced by AC-84 Champion #D-14

AC G-8 replaced by AC 85

AC G-9 & G-10 replaced by AC 86 & 87-S Champion # D-16

AC G-11 & G-12 replaced by AC 87 Champion # D-21

This plug G-12 is standard on 1930 &

1931 Oakland V-8s.

AC G-13 & G-14 replaced by AC 88 Champion # D-23

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