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Pics of the "new" garage

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As promised almost a year ago here are the pictures of my new garage. You can see my 55 and 63. The 62 Special belongs to a good friend of mine who is storing it at my place. The 1960 Electra flattop is a project I am working on for another friend. The Model A is destined for a 55 nailhead and aluminum Buick brake drums so forgive it for being in the picture. The final pictures are of a 1951 Spartan trailer that I am almost finished refurbishing for my boss after 2 years. Enjoy.








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Great photos and neat garage!

The Spartans have always been my favorite among the vintage travel trailers. They were once a common sight in rural Eastern Oregon where I grew up, but I've mentioned to my dad that I rarely see them any more.

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I think you need an Health inspection on the fridge. Luckily for you I will be in your area on Sunday and can fit you in. Just to make sure that it keeps the "Shop Supplies" cold enough. I will call you to set up an appointment time.

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Very nice...I'm on the lookout for a similar size of shop so I can avoid the monthly rental fees I'm paying. At this very point in time, the pad has been poured for my new garage, which will be big enough to allow me to bring one car out of storage, likely to happen next spring.

Of course, shop supplies would be the type of item one always sees as a line item on repair bills, right <img src="http://forums.aaca.org/images/graemlins/wink.gif" alt="" />

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