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what is the best chevy car or truck from the 30s to the 60s?


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I really dont have a "Favorite Chevrolet" I think that the Best Chevy between the 30 And the 60's would be the 1955 Chevrolet Belair V-8. I was the car that turned Chevrolet from a stovebolt car of the masses to the Shoebox with style and power to back it up. Just my thoughts on the subject.

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"the best" Chevy from the 30-60 is the one that you like best. The 1955-'56 models have certainly gone down in the history books as solid favorites, and were a huge turing point for the whole American auto industry. I'm fond of the 1963 models, I have a '63 Chevy II (NOT a Nova), my father had a '63 Bel air wagon.

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1932 5 window coupe

1939 2-dr sedan

1949 Businessman's coupe

1955 Bel Air hardtop V-8 Powerpack 3speed OD

1956 9 passenger 210 "Beauville" station wagon powerpack Powerglide

1957 Fuel injected V-8 Nomad powerpack 3speed OD

1957 Fuel injected 4 speed Corvette

1962 Impala 2dr hardtop, 409/409 4spd

1963 Split window FI 4spd Corvette coupe

1965 Corvair 4speed 140hp convertible

1965 Impala SS Convertible 396 powerglide

1966 396SS Chevelle 375hp 4spd

1967 327 cu in 4spd Corvette roadster

The cars above would be my ultimate Chevy collection.


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Wow, Paul!! You need to start adding on to your garage!!!

I would agree with most on your list, except I would drop the '62

2 door hardtop 409/409 and add the '62 "bubble top" 409/409. But,

maybe that is what you had in mind. And, I would add, it needs to

have the blackwall tires, stock wheels and "pie pan" hubcaps.

And, red would be a nice color.

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Bill...on my list I have owned the 55,

now own the 56,

a 57 Nomad I've owned but NOT FI,

the '62 hardtop I prefer over the bubble top which looks, to my eye, better on the 61 but I never owned either just raced against them in the early 60's,

did own and do a '61 vette to NCRS specs,

owned a '66 Corvair conv but 110hp,

owned and did a '65 SS convertible with a 396 and powerglide,

owned a '66 396SS Chevelle but 360hp not the 375 (car paid my way through the last two years of college),

owned a '67 Small block survivor vette which I bought at Carlisle in 1993...

My list is centered around the cars I've either owned or admired from close range. The very first car I ever drove, at the age of 12 in 1957 on the streets of Washington, DC was my father's '49 coupe.

The 39 stems from Bob Bernardon's "Jolly Dolly" C or D/Gas 39.

The 32 is exposure to Mickey McChesney's gorgeous cars.

Each of us has his or her favorite automobile. The best is always the one car, or list of cars which carries the most powerful and pleasant memories.

All the late model vettes, including the two ZR-1's I've been lucky enough to own and drive, don't come close to the emotional significance of the early cars in my life.

Alas, my garage is the size of my car budget: 2 Late Model transports, the '56 and my wife's '55 T-Bird. And only one of those can be worked on in the garage at a time.


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The '55 and later V8s were good cars and changed Chevy's image but the ones that I remember most fondly were two '39s, a Master Deluxe 2 dr sedan and a Master 85 business coupe. My grandparents bought both of 'em just before the war and, while most of the other vehicles in the family were parked for various reasons (lack of parts, shortages of fuel, tires, etc), these two served continuously during the war years and beyond. The business coupe was totaled in an accident in '49 with close to 200,000 miles on it (engine had been rebuilt once) and the 2 dr Master served my grandmother until '55 when she bought a new Mercury and me all the way through high school (was still being used to push off all the other cars that wouldn't start in cold weather in the early '60s). They might've been stovebolts but they were definitely there when they were needed.

In short, it all depends on what YOU like - but those two are what I think of when someone says, "Chevy."

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