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1909 Maxwell Model A Runabout

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I have a 1909 Maxwell Model A Runabout. It has a full complement (head, cowl & tail) of lights all made by the Westchester company. I was wondering if these are correct for my vehicle. I was going to try to find the correct ones at Hershey this year if they are not correct. Also, I do not have a carbide generator. What would be correct for my car? My car does not have a magneto on it nor does there seem to be a place to put one. I have seen some picture of the 2 cylinder engine with a magneto on top. Should mine have one?

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I'll stick my neck out :^)

"Westchester" was the parts supplier for Maxwell (United Motors). They supplied lamps, windshields, and accessories. As to which NUMBER (on the top) Westchester you have and its correctness I will pass. There are more knowledgable folks here than I. Westchester made carbide generators, I have also seen a very original car with "Nickerbocker Brass Works" generator that looks just like a Westchester. I don't know the connection with Nickerbocker. There were a couple sizes of Westchesters, I believe. It should mount on the right running board, near the driver. It WAS an accessory, so the buyer may have opted for a Prestolite tank mounted some where else.

Magnetos came along in 1910, if yours is a 1909 it should not have one.

Jim Dix

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Maxwell No. 27 headlights, Maxwell No. 9 Sidelights and Maxwell No 4 tail light are the ones I've seen on totally original unrestored cars in the past. The 1909 A came with sidelights and the tail light, but the top or windshield were extra. I think if the top, windshield and headlights were ordered with the car from the Factory, You'd have gotten the Maxwell script brass. Otherwise whatever the dealer installed is discretionary with the dealer. If you've got good Westchester brass, it likely was dealer installed as Maxwell brass was made by Westchester and offically Maxwell pushed the Westchester accessories in the Magazine "The Cooperator".

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