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Amphicar BUYER

Ya think this will float?

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I just bought myself something I have been searching for some time. I find them all over, I just couldn't find an affordable one! I can pull this behind my Amphicar w/o problems.

I know what you're thinking! Yes, I have toyed with the idea of making it float too. I have had several ideas for the hitch as a standard hitch will not be a good idea for the marine application. I have a couple of ideas to deal with that. For now I will go over and through it first. I needs a new rear door and some minor repairs.

It was built in 1962 by The Teardrop Trailer Company in California . The trailer has the original manufacturers tag (#516). Included in the trailer is the original stove and icebox. This goes well with my 1963 Heilite Camp trailer (2 wheel version) below in both pen and closed positions. It sleeps great!


1963 Heilite




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