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Crush-o-rama in Alabama

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I moved to NC & left my car collection in a field in Alabama. There are approximately 145 vehicles out there & due to the fact that they are not on my land, I had to call a mobile car crusher.. This kills me since I never thought I'd leave Alabama...but I'll never be able to get them all up here. I have no time to strip these cars as I am taking vacation time just to go down there & make sure they don't crush "the keepers". The mobile crusher is going to be there in about a week to get rid of about 70-something of these cars. I'm keeping about 25 Fieros, along with the GTO/GS/Camaro stuff of course, but I think I'm going to let these Oldsmobiles go...so if you need anything off a:

'76 Olds 98 4 door hardtop, '76 Cutlass Salon, '76 Cutlass Supreme (rough), '80 Omega 4-speed (FWD car), '88 Ciera, let me know.

The '76 98 is complete & is red(!) with nice red velour interior. A small tree fell on the trunklid & messed up both rear quarters. The ignition module is missing from the 455 engine, otherwise it's complete & it may run. I never had time to mess with it.

The '76 Salon has a busted windshield & the cover has blown off of it. The car has a perfect 350-4bbl engine & a bad transmission. The interior is maroon & was excellent. Buckets/console/power windows.

the '76 Cutlass Supreme is a very rare factory 455 car but the body is shot, as I bought the car out of a scrapyard (how ironic) & they had already stacked a car on top of it. Drivetrain is complete though although I've never bothered to crank it.

The Omega is a Brougham (front-wheel drive) & has the 4-speed transmission & most every option. It runs, but is rough. Ciera has perfect 2.5/auto drivetrain. Drive anywhere.

No titles. If you want something, post a response with contact info... I will sell whatever off these cars for what the scrap value is although YOU will have to strip the cars. I will have a backhoe on the premises to pull engines, turn cars over, etc. Any engine will cost you about $75.00 if that gives you an idea. If you want interior stuff, figure about $25 for a complete interior...etc. Little stuff...consider it free, but you have to come & get it. Location is Nauvoo, Alabama.

There are of course other GM cars: '69 Caprice 396 coupe (hidden headlights) -- body only. '69 Impala coupe body, Two '70 LeSabres - one drives & has perfect 350-4 engine. '64 Electra w/401 complete (bad water pump) & new FWD stuff. Most don't have titles: some do. Thought I'd throw it out there.

Sorry, I have no pictures.

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YEP! That's true. Years ago,I had a job at a salvage yard.Of course,I had a couple of personal cars parked there,off to the side.The crusher came in the week I was on vacation. Nothing like coming back from a vacation to find your '70 Pontiac GTO 455 4spd ragtop and '75 Cutlass 442 bigblock car GONE! Titles were not in my name so,guess what? SOL.

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Well, I'm back in NC -- sorry Richard, I missed your response (no computers where I was at).

They delivered the loaders & crusher last Friday, & I arrived back in NC two days ago. I was worried about them crushing too much, but the guys actually let me use their loader over the weekend so I moved all the vehicles into one area so there would be no misunderstanding. I was told to spray-paint an "X" on each vehicle that I wanted gone.

They ended up crushing & hauling off 97 cars in less than two days -- they started Monday afternoon & finished Tuesday evening. I was sort of glad I wasn't there to witness it. I actually drove some of the cars (FWD stuff) up to the "scrap pile", removed the battery, & went & got another one. It was not fun...

At least it gives the remaining 60-something vehicles a better chance of being sold/restored/driven/etc.

Sorry to hear about the GTO & 442. That sort of stuff makes my whole body hurt.

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