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WANTED;Windshield,1952 pontiac wagon

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I am pretty sure that he already found the windshields by now...looks like he posted that back in 06! anyhow, i too have a 52 Poncho Tin Woody that i am working on....How about we start a Pontiac wagon only thread so we can share stories and resources?? You in??

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Hi. Just now read your message ( Oct. 7 ) but better late that never. Your idea sounds like a plan to me - I haven't even seen mine yet, bought it off e-bay and it's sitting in Pasadena California until I get down to Yuma Az from Alberta Canada ( around 1st week of Nov. - old snow bird guy ) I promised myself I'd never buy a car sight unseen but I couldn't resist this one - deluxe model,str.8 dual range auto, original paint , no rust anywhere and drivable. Even has the original spot light and power antena.The down side is I'm brain dead when it comes to mechanical talent so I'll need some help from the locals there. It mainly needs glass and a decent paint job. I just want to turn it into a nice driver - not really intersted in a full blown resto.- been there done that and too many $$$ ! Tell me a little about yours ? Stan

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