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Does anyone know where one may find the number of vintage


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Just from comparing any given Buicks you se around the local shows, I would guess tat the BCA members probably have no more then 50% of all the Buicks that are still running, and likely a smaller % of those in various stages. For particular models the amounts could be more or less. It will be intersting to see what comments others have on this situation.

I wonder also if there is some sort of master list and perhaps the best estimate would come from the 48, or 50 states Motor Vehicle registrations, and this would not include those owned by meseum, dealers, etc who to not have every car registered for the road.

Good luck and I will be watching to see what develops on this thread.


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For a fee, J.D.Powers can probably give you the numbers.

When I go to the SEMA show in Las Vegas, I always stop by their booth and ask about Reattas and they can instantly tell be the total number registered, even broken down by state.

I believe their info is based on the vin number and if you can break out the model you are looking for via the vin then you are in business

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There is a company that used to advertise in Hemmings all the time. For a fee they will do a nationwide search on vehicle registrations to determine the number of particular vehicles left. Of course, this does not take into account any vehicles that are in museums, private collections, etc. that are unregistered. They will provide for you the number of cars registered both nationally and in your state. I found a referral to their info on line, but alas they do not have a website. I'm not sure if they are still in business, but here is the contact info I found:

Automotive Information Clearinghouse

Box 1746

La Mesa, California 91944

Phone # 619-447-7200

Good Luck


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