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Maxwell parts in Eugene Oregon

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I received this through WPC Club e-mail so I am passing this on to Maxwell people:

Ian Smale.

Rescue this from the scrap metal yard.

My neighbor picks up scrap metal.

He called me over this morning to see what he had on his trailer.

Looks like the front frame clip with radiator (honeycomb type), Maxwell Script radiator surround, engine (4 cyl w/updraft carb), transmission, and all the bolt-ons.

Has fuel tank mounted above trans. Looks like it was used as stationary power supply.

Rusty, dirty, don't know if it turns or not.

All four spark plugs are in, so doesn't look like water got into cylinders.

Don't see any cylinder or head cracks from freezing.

I hate to see this scrapped if somebody can use it for original parts.

Just learning how to use my new digital camera, so if you're interested, let me know and I'll TRY to send you some pics.

I'm not interested in making a buck on this, just want to have it saved.

However, I'm sure my neighbor would like to make a few coins on it.

You need to respond quickly, the local cops always hassle him about parking his "eyesore" trailer in this neighborhood.

I'm sure it will be gone by the end of this week - to the scrap metal yard.

Call any time. Leave message if I'm not at home.

If you know of anybody in the Junction City/Eugene, Oregon area that might be interested in rescuing this treasure, let me know who that is.


Len Gillette Lpgillette@aol.com


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