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Wheel Lock Keys


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Awhile back there was a question about finding a key for the wheel locks which (Ithink we decided),came standard on the 88 and 89 Reatta. I found this info on another website.<P>Wheel Lock Keys for Amcor Wheel Locks <P>Here's what you do:<P>1. Call Amcor at (800) 831-9604 or (313) 458-8920. Tell them your problem and they will refer you to a GM dealer who has a master set of wheel lock keys.<P>2. The dealer will have a master set of wheel lock keys which consists of 3 sets of 6 special keys or lug nut adapters. The sets are identified by number and the keys within the set by color. There's a total of 18 different keys for all the wheel locks made, at least those made by Amcor, which I understand makes most of the ones for GM.<P>3. After you find the one that fits, record the set number and color. You can then order a replacement key through the dealer or direct through Amcor. $10 per key plus $1.50 in shipping and handling charges. <P>You may want to record the following information in case you ever find yourself without a wheel lock key:<P>Amcor Wheel Locks<BR>MascoTech Forming Technologies<BR>12955 Inkster<BR>Livonia, MI 48150<BR>Tel: (800) 831-9604<BR>(313) 458-8920<P>Relief is just a phone call away.

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