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Squeaky rattle coming from under the car

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I have a 90 Reatta convertible that has an ANNOYING squeaky rattle coming from underneath the car. I assume it's the exhaust system. Anytime I hit a bump (even a smaller one), I hear the rattle and it drives me crazy! What should I do? Could the dealer check it out?


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1) It could be brake pad "clatter" caused by loss of brake pad "glue", which holds pads to caliper/piston. My 91 drop-top has this problem, even with the low-mile Raybestos pads, installed 3yrs./3000 miles ago by previous owner. Brakes will work fine, just very annoying noise. Re-application of brake-quiet pad adhesive should cure the problem.

2) It could also be the lower air dam, below the grille/radiator. I found mine to have a couple loose screws, and it made a racket much like brake clatter. Merely tighten, or replace the mounting screws.

This reminds me of my early days in Radio broadcsting training. To learn proper diction, we were to repeat toungue twisters as diction excersizes. Here's the example excersize which comes to mind in this situation.

"What kind of noise annoys an Oyster?"

"A noisy noise annoys an Oyster!"

(That's one of the few fit for public disclosure, many were LIMIRICKS, many containing Dultuh, or Nantucket, not well suited for an all ages forum!)

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Primarily there are 3 sources.

1. The rear brake caliper rattle. To test gently apply the brake going over the bump, this will stop the rattle.

2. Heat shield on the cat is loose. Tap with screwdriver, reweld or use large stainles steel strap.

3. The most likely problem is the donuts that hold up the exhaust pipe. There are 2 in the centre that stretch over time and the pipe lowers and touches a steel cross member strap piece. Two fixes may be required here. 1 replace the donuts. 2. sometimes as the exhaust manifold gasket (The round one at the pipe end not at the head) wears and allows the pipe to lower. Replace the gasket and rebolt all.

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