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wanted for my 1913 Chicago Electric the male plug from the charger to the female plug in the car . The original was a Albert Anderson mfg co type N . any ideas or sources I would love to hear Randy Ema

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Guest EMF-Owner

It would help to have a diagram or picture of what you are looking for. Even a picture of the female plug would be helpful. On the slight chance that anyone would have one of these, they probably would not associate it with an automobile. If you are determined to use the original connection to connect a charger, you may have to make a new plug.

Good luck.


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After a little research, I found that the Albert Anderson Manufacturing Company still exists. They are now Anderson Power Products in Sterling Massachusetts. I sent them some emails and found that while they don't make the same kind of Type N connector as we need for our cars, they do make a Type N connector for modern electric cars. I know that you were going to make your own if you couldn't find one. The specs say it is a two pole connector just as the original was. Maybe the internals are the same so that you can use them instead of having to make the entire thing from scratch(?).



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