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Spark plugs other than Autolite?

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It seems that many folks have their own ideas about what are the best spark plugs for our Zephyrs. These cars came originally equipped with Champion H10's. Autolite 216's and NGK B6L's are the comparable other brands and pretty well match the intended heat range. The real reason for lousy or poor perforance from any of these plugs can be traced to the quality of the spark they receive or the condition of the engine.

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Thanks for the reply. My problem with Autolite is that eight of twelve of them after install and removal had cracks along the insulation. I no dought was a little use to the strenth of Bosch plugs of which I've installed thousands and never broke one. Something to learn every day. I'll try NGK next.

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I've used thousands of Autolite plugs over the last 35+ years of wrenching. I've never seen that kind of failure rate with any plug. Check your socket, torque used and technique.

improper gap, weak coil, bum wires or poor setup of distributor is likely 3/4 of the "plug problems" we see with HV12s. Poor engine internal condition and carburation would be next.

BTW, Champion H10C work well too and are still available although they are cad plated rather than black on the base.

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Strange as it may be, there were eight broken plugs. Five were the side insulation and three center insulation chipped off. I have yet to kit the carb. and there is some question as to the point syncro. and then the oil fouling. Well, I guess it'll keep me nusy for the next several months. The owner is optomistic as to driving the thing but it'll come around. The car came from Maine, so the rust is a major ordeal. Rust converter= the best one?? anyone.

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1945 ISSUE


LINCOLN---All ?Lincoln? thru 1933 ?..78 = 7/8?-18 by # 8 heat range.

?LINCOLN? 1934 thru 1938??.??....85 = 18mm by 1/2? reach by # 5 heat range

1936-37 ?Zephyr? ?????????.45 = 14mm by 3/8? reach by # 5 heat range

All others thru1942????????.44L = 14mm by 7/16" reach # 4 heat range

Yours, M.L. Anderson

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Ok heres a list that may help{

Champion Coolest H-8, H-10, H-11, Hotest H-12

Motorcraft,Coolist AL-5, Al-7C, Al-9, Hotest Al-11

Autolite coolist 215, 216,497. Hotest 218

I've been using AL9's which are getting hard to find.


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