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Pivctures from the nationals

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<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Quote:</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Derek-you are correct-that's my Riv (and my only photo of it from the show) I don't know why I brought a camera down to Rochester-no time!

It was great to meet you and glad to see you and the family got back fine. Please send some photos and a story to Marge for the newsletter and thanks for everything!

Keep the pictures coming, folks. I'm hoping to see more.

PS-when is the tour up North??? <img src="http://forums.aaca.org/images/graemlins/laugh.gif" alt="" />


Kris, you have a PM (click on the flashing envelope by your username if you aren't familiar with this board software). It may not be the most flattering shot of your Riv, but Suzanne likes the boat tail Rivs, so I'm guessing that is why we have a shot of one from behind...then again, it could have been one of the kids too.

It has been my intent to send Marge a story - I think I'll take the laptop with us on our family trip while everything is relatively fresh in my head...I have a bit of a log as well. I think I'll do it up a bit about our road trip as that is the part that everyone else won't necessarily know about.

As for the tour, what would you folks like to see? Detroit Lakes is nice, especially if someone wants to go fishing...somewhere along the road, we were close to the MN Fishing Hall of Fame, or museum or something...I'll have to check my log to see if I can figure out where that was. There's a casino in Thief River Falls, but that isn't really my thing. Of course, if you want to cross the border, there's a few things I am a bit more familiar with that could be set up.

Anyway, I hope there are some more photos that others can post here.

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Derek-there's a few of us diehards that are mostly just in it for the word "roadtrip". We like getting out the cars and driving. It might be a little hard to set up a Fall tour for this year, but a Spring or Summer tour next year, or even a Fall tour 07 would be a lot of fun. I'd say pick out some neat things you are interested in and figure would have a pretty good appeal for other folks and make it an overnight tour.

I just bet we can drag some Minny~so~duh people up. And if you find a BBQ place along the way I'm fairly certain you can even get my brother to go!

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All of the pictures were awesome! If I was to vote, I'd have to say the pictures of the Lavender "Woody" was my favorite. I think thats the pretties one I've seen so far. Thanks for sharing the pictures and wish I could have went. My last National was Flint in '03 An I really regret not being able to go the last few years! Next year for shure! Hans

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Sid, I'm sorry I missed you at the meet, but there was a lot of ground to cover, and we must have been following each other. I went with the pre-war division for dinner in Friday night, and they are going to be a GREAT addition to the BCA. It is really wonderful to see the "old" cars being driven.

The pre-war division left with our BDE "after tour" and ran with us to our lunch stop. What a great bunch of people!

The after tour went down the Mississippi for a ways, and then ended up in Charleston ILL for out traditional banquet. We put almost 1900 miles on the 40, and Bernice has decreed that we will drive an AC car from now on.

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So sorry, I did not mean to slight you in the accolade department. You started this thread with your great pictures. I meant to thank each of you individually but got sidetracked.

Sid, nice pictures....THANKS.


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