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Pivctures from the nationals


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I loved that car. My parents had a 65 Special wagon that was the same color as that when I was growing up. I was hunting one Sunday morning and fell asleep while driving it and his a bridge. I wasn't hurt seriously but the car was totalled. I don't have the money right now but in the future if you ever decide you are going to sell it please let me know. I have always wanted to buy another one.

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Thanks a lot! That car is very special to us. Our family had one, back in the day, a Sportwagon Custom 3-seat just like this one, in dark green with a light green interior. That car was driven for over 106,000 miles, and was the family workhorse for over 13 years. I learned to drive on the original, and I was very sorry to see it go. It was no beauty by the time my dad finally got rid of it.

My brother found this red one in California in 1999. ALl of the glass had been reset, which is no small task on a Sportwagon, and it had been repainted, but otherwise very original in great shape. We took it to Flint in 2003, shows in northern MN in 2004 and 2005, but mostly it's just a lovely driver and it's a great road trip car. This wagon has been treated to suspension upgrades and it also has A/C. Bro owns it, but I'm next in line if it's ever to be sold, and unless we find a duplicate of the original, this red one will be in our family for a very long time!


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Sid, Thanks for posting the photos,....I was going to do that, but it would have helped had we not forget our camera at home!! <img src="http://forums.aaca.org/images/graemlins/frown.gif" alt="" /> We took a liking to the car in photo #44! That's our 65 Skylark GS! Came home with a Bronze award, not bad for a first timer, huh?! PLUS....checking our mileage we garnered 17 miles per gallon on the trip! Not bad for a Buick Big Block! Thanks again for all the photos!

John and Jan

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Great pictures ! I love the camper also and I have been in it too. While it looks great it is not much fun to drive because it is VERY hard to see out of. To get an idea what it's like, cup your hands around you eyes like you are holding binoculars and you get an idea of how much you can see. Of course in 1938 traffic wasn't as crowded as it is today, so it wasn't as critical. The original owner was a financial backer for a little travel trailer company called Airstream, Which explains the aluminum usage. Kevin

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<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Quote:</div><div class="ubbcode-body">That's a wonderful batch of pictures, thanks for posting them! We had a great time, and stayed cool by ducking into the Civic Center a lot. You took a pic of our car, we have the 1965 Sportwagon in pic #16. </div></div>

And mine is the blue and white 55 right next to it. Sintid, I thought about you when I drove through Tea, S.D.


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<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Quote:</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Thanks for posting all those pictures! Wow, thats a lot of work!

#38 and #39 are nice! Thanks Steve Shannon.

Ted </div></div>

Ted took home too much hardware to carry on his bike (I presume you did find it eventually), including the trophy for the car picked as favourite of BMD's general manager.

Thanks for posting all the photos. There are some wonderful shots. We only took about 140 from our trip...a number of those are details shots of '29s for help with mine and some road trip shots. It is interesting what Suzanne and the kids picked out. We got home this afternoon - I've copied the pictures to the computer after having to recharge the camera battery...I'll be picking some out, resizing, and getting them up tomorrow if I can make time.

That '58 Limited is a wonderful car...and it was in the driven class.

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I think the hardest thing when you have a good camera is what pictures to take, and my daughter was there with hers so I am sure she has more cars also. I know she is very partial to the 59's so I didn't take many of them because she will have them and I love all of them. If she ever finds her cord to download the pictures I will look at them and down load some I hope aren't duplicates. It was very hot on the asphalt so we didn't spend as much time there as we could have but under the trees with the breeze it was very comfortable. My biggest problem was that my feet and legs hurt before we left Saturday morning. I had spent Wednesday throught Friday in New York City and when I wasn't working we walked all over on Manhatten. The freind I was with said we walked 3 miles Wednesday night and over 7 miles on Thrursday so we didn't stay as long as we would have liked at the National. But we were very glad we had driven the 250 miles to see it.

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OK, I think we have it. I tried to reduce the number of duplicates. These photos are clickable thumbnails - if you want a bigger photo, click on it and it will open a new browser window with the photo. This should help to keep the download times of the thread manageable.

We start off with a couple shots at Elmer's. It was a nice lunch, although warm.



This is Winona, near Elmer's. The Buick dealer had a Rainier the same colour as Ruby.



Some photos of the Archival Class.




Now, some of the brass era.




We move out of the brass into pre-war.



This is Bill McLaughlin's '29 roadster. He drove it 900 miles to the show. He runs the Silver Anniversary Buick club and I've learned a lot from him and his car.










The show field....


Here is the driven class, starting with Brian H.'s car that led the low speed tour from Michigan. We met them on the road while in the buses en route to Elmer's.








Now we get into a variety of cars in different classes...I started to organize by year, but I don't know them all and got tired of the cut and pasting going on....




I believe this Riv is Kris Syrdal's (Gopher State Chapter).



Here's a few shots of the Junior Judging program. Many thanks to Jerry Bodden for spearheading this and Pat from the Pacific Northwest area for helping out. The car's are Jim Jaeger's '56 Super which his father purchased new and my '66 Wildcat. If anyone is wondering, the Wildcat scored a bit better.




Tom's beautiful '63. I'm not sure if his wife has forgiven him yet for selling the Skylark to get it, but it did win an award (I think Gold Senior, but I could be wrong). Funny thing was that Tom was towing the '59 and she followed driving this. She wanted him to slow down since she didn't know how to adjust the high speed buzzer and it was ticking her off. As they were getting ready to leave Sunday morning, I showed her how to adjust it, and she cranked it up to about 90, so she should have had a quiet drive home.





Here's a few shots of the Buick and its Parts program. Thanks again to Jerry Bodden and I think it was Ted from Texas who led the group. As part of the participation package, the kids received the last of the Buick 95th anniversary collectible semis. They explained the collectible idea to the kids, so I'm not allowed to touch them....



A '61 or '62 Skylark in much better shape than $Pit.


A '75 Free Spirit with a '76 hiding under cover beside it.


The only '61 Invicta convertible there was this nice modified. I've chatted with these folks via e-mail for a number of years after they turned mine up online and finally got to meet them on Saturday.


This beauty needs no introduction.


Dove fountain in the Rochester Peace Plaza.


The exterior of the Barnes & Noble which was once a theatre. The interior portion in the skywalk had the children's section with a castle theme which was kind of neat. Of course, Suzanne spent money in there.


Detroit Lakes on the way home had some sunfish statues painted. I believe they can be found online, but I haven't looked yet. This was at the Holiday Inn, where we stayed Monday night.


Pointed homeward.


Suzanne and the kids took most of these photos. We have shots of some of the other modifieds, particularly those from the 30s that Suzanne took a liking to.

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Derek-you are correct-that's my Riv (and my only photo of it from the show) I don't know why I brought a camera down to Rochester-no time!

It was great to meet you and glad to see you and the family got back fine. Please send some photos and a story to Marge for the newsletter and thanks for everything!

Keep the pictures coming, folks. I'm hoping to see more.

PS-when is the tour up North??? <img src="http://forums.aaca.org/images/graemlins/laugh.gif" alt="" />

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Derek, thanks for the picture of our '63 Electra. Would you mind emailing it to me? My digital camera is on the blink so was only able to take 35MM pictures. While it didn't get a Senior, it did get a Gold award, so can't tell you how pleased I was with that. Will be interesting to see what it needs to have done to get it to Senior status. I think receiving the Gold award has finally allowed my wife to forgive me for selling the Skylark out from under her. She loves the Electra now and up until receiving the Gold award, she still referred to it as my car. Now it's her car. And thanks for resetting the speed minder buzzer. I had set it at 65, but looks like the speedo is off a little as it was going off at 60.

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