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How to remove HUB from Drum ?

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Need to know what kind of press is required to remove

the rear brake drums.so I can have them machined!

It seems no one has the old fixtures to turn the drums.

Any good advice will be appreciated



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This may be really crude, but I have always successfully removed the drums from the hubs by placing the back of the stud over a deep socket (or a piece of pipe), screwing a lug nut on the stud and whacking it really good with a small sledge hammer. Of course, the old stud can be re-used if the threads aren't screwed up, but it will always be loose in it's hole. New studs can be swedged into the drum, but I always re-use the old studs. This makes it a lot easier to remove the drum next time. A more professional method would be to use a hydraulic press, but a little sledge (multi-purpose tool) works OK and is a lot cheaper.

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