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Yes indeed, it does take an entusiast to get excited about a '38 sedan, here is the one we have for sale in Arkansas USA, very much like yours, but we have no grilles and the fenders are there, but not on the car, good luck to both of us, Rolf


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Yes, there is a completely dis-assembled V-12 with it, the original transmission with the funny right hand shift plate and lever, and the rear-end, I believe there is a radiator for it, and the bumpers and brackets, all the fenders and the skirts, a decent console and clock, and all the exterior and interior door handles. I am not sure about the seats, but there is a good chance they are there in Arkansas, but no grilles, a biggie on a '38, we are asking $5000, would be nice if it made someones dream come true, rolf@got.net

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