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Hi all,

Happy 4th of July!

I need a new muffler and over the axle pipe,lots of posts on it and several different options.

Currently an all stock car.

I want to have a little more fun,so besides a new SMEC which exhaust?

On the linked pages it says to go with a hi flow cat and run a 2 1/4" pipe out.

Any suggestions?

Thanks to all.


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Hello Hondo, right back at you, have a wonderful 4th.

I'm not the expert but been talking to a few here lately and reading a lot as I'm in the middle of fairly radical performance upgrade project on my TC. Goal is to take it from stock 160hp to somewhere around 300hp and I've learned the exhaust is one of two places your bucks will yeild the most benefit, the other is the SMEC so your certainly on the right track to more fun.

The pro I'm putting my money on is Rick at RDIperformance and he advised me the downpipe on our TC's is 2 1/2" into the Cat, 2 1/4" out of the Cat, goes to 1 7/8" over the rear axle because of the bends, back to 2 1/4 into the muffler and tips and there are a couple of resonators thrown in there to futher restrict the exhaust.

His advise, go to 2 1/2" from the downpipe to the tips, lose the resonators, use both a high flow cat and muffler. I've recieved the cat and muffler I purchased from Rick just waiting on the pipes he sold me to arrive before taking it to the muffler shop to be installed, the hanger brackets on the TC will have to be cut off the old exhaust system and welded to the new since they aren't available anymore. I'm really looking forward to completing the exhaust part of my upgrade since I've read it will increase my gas milage as well as performance.

Have Fun!

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Good advice. One easier idea instead of this part.."the hanger brackets on the TC will have to be cut off the old exhaust system and welded to the new since they aren't available anymore."

Is to just get a rod the same diameter at the hardware store and take it with you. It was easier for me than cutting the old ones off and rewelding. The lip on the end isn't necessary. The engine controls forward backward movement of the exhaust. And as my son proved, you can still remove the exhaust from the hangars by pushing cobblestones with the tailpipe when in reverse.

As far as 300 hp, start shopping for an egt(exhaust gas temp), fuel pressure, air fuel mixture, and boost gauge. You will be on the ragged edge of melting any pistons cast or forged.

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Great advise Admiral Willhelm. I know my goal is radical but just can't seem to stop myself. I'm having so much fun with the TC, not that it was my plan when I bought it, wanted a Sunday cruiser with some style now want a sleeper Mustang eater. EGT, boost, A/F and fuel pressure gauges are on their way. Looking for a pod to mount them in. Know of one that fits our car?

Have fun!

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I din't use a 'pod' per sey but I like the way my gauges turned out. I just used some extra Ginger colored leather to wrap the gauges and did a semi custom mount in the corner between the speedo cluster and the A pillar. Not quite factory but the leather makes it look like they belong. FWIW, the Dawes Devices copany makes an 02 sensor feed style AF meter rith a "remote mount" option. Basically each LED is mounted at the end of ribbon style wire with 'pop thru' style bulb covers. I just cut four little slits in the leather that wraps my boost gauge, routed the wires underneath, and pushed the bulbs thru so they line the top of the boost gauge in a sweeping semicircular pattern. That way I can watch boost and AF with just one glance. I was days from being up and running again after six months of upgrades, then I decided to go with a larger turbo to feed the new high flow head <img src="http://forums.aaca.org/images/graemlins/smirk.gif" alt="" /> More custom fab now for a swing valve assembly and exhaust manifold...


Looking forward to hearing about your progress Irish <img src="http://forums.aaca.org/images/graemlins/cool.gif" alt="" /> Rick D is the man, he is the one who started me down the TC road over nine years ago <img src="http://forums.aaca.org/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" />

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Your gauge setup sounds very interesting Alan, would it be possible to get a pic or two? I've about decided finding a pod is a pipe dream, want a heads up display that blends into the cockpit and it certainly sounds as if yours does. I have seen the Dawes a/f meter and like it a lot, but your application of it is one of the clever'ist innovations I've heard of! Dawes must have sold recently it is now threebarracing.com in case someone is following this thread.

As far as my project is concerned I have followed every recommendation Rick made to me, recieved a portion of the parts and scheduled to recieve the rest the 5th. then plan to tear down and send him my turbo for rebuild and the head to a machine shop for the port work. I purchased ported intake/exhaust manifolds and fuel rail from Rick, in fact I purchased all (long list) my parts from him. He advises once the work is done the TC should be somewhere around 260-275hp, taking it to 300-350 hp would require going beyond 14# of boost a calibration change for the SMEC and larger injectors.

I figure the car will be down for a month-month 1/2 for the machine work, turbo rebuild and parts install and plan on installing gauges while it's down. I'm very interested in your setup.



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