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Parts For Sale - 1990 TC - Triple Black Car!

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OK since I had no serious takers on the whole car I've decided its time to start parting it out.

*see here for better discription: http://forums.aaca.org/showflat.php?Cat=...e=0#Post385694) as well I've attached one pic.

This TC is a 1990, it's triple black, 3.0 V6 w/a 604 trans and at this time its pretty much complete! The hard top will be sold as a complete assembly only! As for the right headlamp it does have a small "BB" hole in it but better than one's that cracked. The convertible top will be sold as a complete unit as well. Send me an e-mail (gsburks@comcast.net) with your wishes, wants and needs. I can e-mail pics and prices back. First come first serve. I will post whats sold as it goes. I have a pay-pal account and shipping will be available. Thanks for looking!


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