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WANTED: Studebaker Standard Six Head

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Hello Out there in antique car land. I sure need help. I have been restoring a 1927 Studebaker Roadster on and off for the last 14 years. I have it almost complete and after geting it running found that the motors head is no good. I need a head for the Standard Six motor. The motor in my car is a EU model and was only used in 1927. The casting # for this head is 123097-4 F.8.24. For the time being I can use one from the ER Standard Six motor that was used in 1925 and 1926. The casting # for this head is 123097-4 E.6.15. The difference between the two heads is that the EU model has an outlet for a temperature blub and the ER model does not. I have attached a photo showing the defference between the two heads. If you have one or know someone that may please contact me at sbb@centurytel.net




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