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Preserve your Cruise Control Switch!

Guest wally888

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Guest wally888

After installing a new Cruise Control Switch ( on column , 89), I decided to attempt a repair on the old one.<BR> Both, the old and new, used one were corroded every place I saw copper.<BR> The failed one had 1 of the 4 wires broken off but hanging in place by the insulation .( Couldn't see the break until disassmbled). <BR> The CAUSE of failure appeared to be a slight looseness of the switch mechanism. Each time the Set/Coast button was pushed, the interior switch moved inward and the 4 wires bent a little at their solder joint.<BR> When engaging, setting, Criuse Control, push the button only enough to engage Cruise!<BR>This seems to be a slight fault in design or manufacture or it is programmed to last just so many operations?

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