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Crrect Pressure Plate, for Lincoln Zephyrs

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It's called a "LONG[1]model CF",after trying to find the reason for requiring

to extend the clutch turn buckle on my 1940 Lincon Zephyr,

I found the reason in the 1936 to 1942 Motors Repair manual on Clutches page 171 that requires the use of the "Long [1] model CF pressue plate"

and provides the specifications for the "LEVER SETTINGS" which is 2 inches for

Lincoln Zephyr's 1936 t0 1940,by using an pressure plate that does not have adjustable levers the travel of the throw out bearing is reduced by 1/4 of an inch requiring extending the TURN BUCKLE.Even if one does that the clutch arm will bump against the bell housing, and limit shifting gears.

Zman [bill Uhouse]

My Z only has 19 K miles on the running gear and no wear on moving parts

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Bill, if you are satified that the release levers on the clutch cover are in the right position then the problem could be worn pins that lock the fork and outer release lever in position on the shaft. I rather doubt the fork is bent but you can check it anyway. A slight movement of the fork or release lever on the shaft would make a big difference at the end of the fingers on the fork that moves the hub and bearing.

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The pressure plate I installed was a recondition LOng 1.

I had purchased two new pressure plates with the plain

fingers non adjustable fingers, I made sure the fly wheel

was correct.and measured both inaccordance with the Motor's

Manual, one was 3/16th's short and one was 1/8th inch short

using my height gages.


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