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89 Coupe with 46,000 Sold


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I delivered my Black 89 Coupe to its new owner on Cape Cod yesterday. It was a great ride. Sad to see it go. Looks like it will get good care - the new owner is a car nut just like us. I will also miss this discussion. My best regards to all of you.<P>Kevin R.

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Kevin; Glad to hear you sold your car. How much did ya get??? I'm thinking that the new buyer got a good deal but I have to be honest with you (still)... that car had some major negative history behind it that I don't think you are aware of. That whole front clip has been changed not as evidenced by the missing computer parts id tags and the heavy paint peel, not to mention that some structural damage may have been sustained by the driver pillar. That's why the paint was "crazed" in that area. No is absolutely no other reason to paint that area expect as a result of collision damage. I'm SURE it drove like a DREAM... but the other stuff really bothered me. Anyway good luck.<p>[ 05-08-2001: Message edited by: burkieboy ]

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