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Past few months I haven't been able to post ...


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Hi Folks!<BR>My full name is Prakash Raja, and have been a senior member over 100 Posts.<BR>The last few months I have not been able to post anything as the collectable Automobile Discussion Forum won't let me, since my computer's hard drive failed, and now a new hard drive is in place, though I have lost all the cookies.<BR>I have written back several times , but no reply.<BR>What can one do in this instance?<BR>Do I just use another name and start from scratch?<BR>Or can someone send me the cookies again so that I may be able to resume where I had stopped?<P>many thanks and please reply<P><BR>Prakash Raja citroens@hotmail.com

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Hi Folks since writing this message, I just took a chance and managed to get into my profile, so I guess I was able to view my profile, I shall try to post something.<P>*p.s my humble apologies to some who had tried to contact me whilst my computer had broken down.<BR>many thanks<P>Prakash

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