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Evaporator - A/C


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Anyone ever need to change the "Evaporator" on their A/C...I just got quoted around $300 for the part, and close to $200 in labor - does this sound feasible?

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Ted,<P>Autozone wants $200 for the evaporator, and alldata.com says the part lists for $340. His prices for the part seem reasonable since he has to mark them up a little to pay the rent. <P>Your mechanic hopefully included a new accumulator, which is about $52. Be sure and ask him if that price includes a new accumulator; if not, insist that he replaces it at the same time, along with the orifice tube, also known as the expansion tube. Don't worry, he will know what those parts are if you are not familiar with them. Yours may be the original ones and they NEED to be replaced. <P>As for the labor, I wouldn't touch that evaporator job for $200 in labor, so that seems to be a real bargain. Alldata lists 3.9 hours labor to change the evaporator and one hour for the accumulator. At nearly 5 hours for the job, he's charging you about $40 an hour for labor, which is very reasonable. <P>Let us know how it turns out when you are done. Enjoy your cool Reatta! <P>Joe

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