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"27 Buick


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I need some help in order to complete the restoration of my '27 55x sports tourer.

A couple of items are giving me grief.

1/Needed urgently a pattern or a drawing or a tracing of the rear mounted trunk rack so that I can make one to complete the body work.

2/ a pattern of the inside door sills What are they like?

3/If possible a'27Master exhaust manifold

thanks Andrew Balzary

email balzary@bigpond.com

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We are working on a 1927 Buick and was wondering if 1926 and 1927 were interchangable for the following:

Door Handles - inside and outdside

Headlight bulbs

wiper Blade

Bottom of steering column gears and or SPprockets that operate Spark Advanced and Throttle Lock


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Outside door handle, 1926-44-45-54-55-X44-45-54-55-1927-55-X55-front-rear only 1927-55-X55 9.407-192880.

Outside door handle, 1927-54-55-X54-55-front,9,407-197901.

Scanned a page for in and outside door handles I hope you can read it.

Leif in Sweden.


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