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Found a starter for my 22 Royal Dispatch.!!!!

Guest PWN

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Guest imported_PWN

An amazing find, a starter for my 1922 Chandler RD. Took Glen 1.5 years but he found one. 385$ rebuilt and shipped. Must weigh 30 pounds.

I would reccomend Glen for any of your starter or alternator needs.

He also came up with the following info that was crucial to find the unit.

---No, its not a Bosch America its a Gray Davis 540, which was used on Chandler 20-21. What I researched out was, Bosch bought Gray Davis in 22 then Bosch was bought out by Auto-lite in 25. When I was looking at the field case I noticed it was rounded like the Bosch units. This got me to thinking I better ck when Gray Davis went out of business? The same rounded field case was used on Auto-lite units in the mid 20's after they bought Bosch. So what they did was give it a Bosch number when they acquired Gray Davis.---


Ace Alternator and Starter Exchange

Attn: Glenn

PO Box 16085

Wichita, Ks


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Guest imported_PWN


What did you think of the Chandler sales letter to my grandfather? Think that cars really prevented communism in American heh heh?

Take care,


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