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What old car do you have and how is your old car "optioned"?

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I do not think we have had this discussion before, but if we have, it has been a very long time and I am sure we have new members here. I thought it would be neat to get an update on what old cars everyone has and list how they are optioned (if they are late enough to be in the years with a wide range of options). I will start with mine and list all of the known options.....

1973 Pontiac Grand Ville 4dr hardtop - in addition to standard features:


Tilt wheel

Power windows

Power door locks

AM radio

Lower door courtesy lights

Map lights, trunk light (standard)?

Bumper gaurds

Bumper strips

Side moldings

Door edge gaurds

Passenger door mirror

Vinyl top

Trunk carpeting mat

Tinted windows (soft ray)

Deluxe finned wheelcovers (added by me)

"Custom" interior option, which added cut-pile carpeting, custom cloth seats, front seat back handles, rear seat power outlets, color-keyed seat belts, etc.

1969 Chevrolet Caprice 4dr hardtop - in addition to standard features:


Tilt wheel

Power windows

Power (vacuum) door locks

AM-FM radio

Hide-away headlight covers w/washers

Power disc brakes (includes 15 inch wheels w/deluxe wheelcovers)

Power steering

Vinyl top

Door edge gaurds

Tinted windows (soft ray)

"Additional" courtesy lights/trunk light option (includes trunk light)

396 V8 engine

Turbo automatic (standard with 396)

Deluxe finned Corvette wheelcovers (added by me, but was optional).

I will soon be adding the "fender skirt" option during restoration, as well as the bumper gaurd option.

My "newer" or "80s" cars, the 89' Safari, 85' 380SE and soon to be 87' Country Squire have all options available. Lacking options are power antenna on the Safari, alloy wheels on the Country Squire (but it does have the luxury "LX" option) and the Mercedes lacks the airbag and leather interior option, but does have the anti-lock brakes and sunroof options.

Thanks for replies with your cars and their data.

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Guest my3buicks

1967 Special Deluxe Sport Coupe 3517

300 V-8

Super Turbine Tranny

Power Steering

Passenger Side Mirror

AM/FM Radio

Rear Seat Speaker

8 Track Tape Player

Guide-Matic Headlight Control

Whitewall Tires

Wire Wheel Covers


Custom Seat Belts

Speed Alert

Electric Clock

Rear Defroster

Soft Ray Tinted Glass

Door Edge Guards

Two Tone Paint

Wheel opening Molding Trim

Trunk Release

Trunk Light

Carpet Covers Front & Rear

Tissue Dispenser

Purse Hook

Factory Spot Light

Trunk Mat


Litter Container

Underhood Light

Optikleen Windshield Fluid Bottle

Factory Underdash Air (Soon to be added)

1972 Centurion Convertible

AM/FM 8 Track Sterio with Front & Rear Speakers

Optional Wider Whitewall Tires

Color Coordinated Custom Seat Belts

Soft Ray Tinted Glass

Four Note Horn

Front & Rear Bumper Guards

Bumper Strips Front & Rear

Door Edge Guards

Remote Control Driver Mirror

Passenger Side Mirror

Visor Vanity Mirror

Carpet Savers Front & Rear

Air Conditioning

Power 6 Way Seat

Power Windows

Tilt Steering Wheel

Electric Door Locks

Electric Trunk Release

Accessory Group - Trunk light, Electric Clock

Custom REar Body Molding

Chrome Plated Wheels

Body Side Paint Stipe

Customline Hard Parade Boot Cover

Mini Consolette

Trunk Mat


Tissue Dispenser

Underhood Lighte (Soon to be added)

Lamp Monitors (Soon to be added)

Newer Car/Driver - 2004 Rendezvous CXL Plus - Loaded to the Gills

Can you tell I like optioned cars?


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Guest BJM

1949 Buick Roadmaster 2 door Sedanette

No options that I am aware of.

1963 Pontiac Bonneville 2 door hardtop

No options car. It has power brakes and power steering, which were standard

1968 Buick Riviera (Options and Standard accessories for the Riviera)

Power Steering

Power Door Locks

Power Windows

Power drivers bucket seat

Bucket Seat console equipped

Tilt Steering

Cruise control

3.07 Positraction rear axle

Power antenna

Buick Road wheels

Power trunk release

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1955 Pontiac Custom Catalina. This car is equipped with 51 out of a possible 62 Pontiac factory accessories and options for the model year 1955 (for this model).

Some of the more unusual accessories include a dashboard compass, Remington auto/home shaver which operates off the 12 volt cigarette lighter or on 110 volt house current, Thermaster bottle which keeps liquids hot or cold for 8 hours, Thermaster refrigerator (ice chest), ladies purse holder, magnatray, autronic eye for automatically dimming the headlights, continental tire kit, tissue dispenser, exterior spotlight, interior hand held spotlight, rear window defroster, leather interior, Indian head hood ornament that lights up at night, dealer installed curb feelers, under-seat heater, electric rear antenna, 4-barrel carburetor with oil air filter, radio with front & rear speaker, windshield washer, stainless fender skirts, power steering, power brakes, front & rear courtesy lighting, hydra-matic transmission, front bumper guard, rear bumper guards, tinted windows, exterior sun visor, fuel door lock, fuel door guard, door handle guards, wide whitewalls, factory undercoating, etc with many more.

Commonly refered to as the "gadget car" from my Buick buddies. These are all documented factory items.


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Thanks for the replies so far. Sounds like some really neat optioned cars.

Keith - I notice that you are going to be adding lamp monitors to your 72' Buick. I am wondering, are these cars already wired up for this option? Would be neat if it was.

I would like to add the "cornering light" option to my 73' Grand Ville, but I think it would be a lot of work - changing fenders from a 73-74 full-size Pontiac already with the option, etc. I have no idea if they (cars withouth the option) are already wired for this or not. Probably not. The cornering lights option was probably not even on 50% of the 73' Pontiacs. I have not seen to many with them, but I have seen them even on the cheapest model- the Catalina 2dr, which I am sure is a rare combination.

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This is a really good thread. My car is a 1950 Roadmaster 76R 2 dr hardtop Riviera Deluxe. It has about 123,000 miles and has the following: Sonomatic radio, Visor, clock, integrated rear-view mirror.spotlight (I have 1 extra Guide spotlight), Buick tissue dispenser, fenderskirts, ez eye tinted glass and the chrome exhaust extension.


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While we are posting old cars, I will also mention my dads 69' Camaro and grandpas 55' Cadillac.

1969 Chevrolet Camaro 2dr hdtp-

350 V8

Turbo automatic

Front disc brakes

Custom interior option

Passenger side mirror

AM radio (now AM-FM)

Soon to add power steering and power brake assists.

1955 Cadillac Series 62 4dr sedan- (standard - V8, 4-speed automatic, power steering, power brakes)

Power windows

Wonderbar radio

Passenger mirror

Passenger and driver vanity mirror

Cargo lamp

Trip odometer

Power seat

Courtesy lamps


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I have to many to do them all so I will pick my most heavily optioned and expensive car.

1960 Flxible Buick Premier Ambulance.

2 tone paint Casino Cream and Copper metallic

The lower color Casino Cream was extra cost due to the extra body prep.

Fender mounted Federal WG Chrome Siren

4 Roof mounted 5" round California style tunnel lights.

Federal 175-D Roof beacon with optional hill light.

Ferno #1 Cot Bar

Ferno Collapsable Stretcher

Roll down window shades

Etched ambulance art glass

White wall tires

Deluxe Electra hubcaps

Push button start in dash

Option flasher for tunnel tights

Drivers side spotlight mirror

Fender mounted emergency band arial. (a cb radio)

Rear heat

Front Heat

This is the most optioned 1960 Flxible left. It is one of 2 Ambulances remaining and the only one to serve the public. This car cost close to 10 grand when new while a regular production Buck was 4-5.

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Your 60' Buick fleet sounds very interesting!

My other two cars - old cars, but not as old as the others-

85' Mercedes-Benz 380SE 4dr- all standard options (which includes ALL power equipment, auto climate control A/C, AM-FM cassette, alarm, power seats, alloy wheels, 4-wheel disc brakes, etc.) it also adds the following options- electric sunroof, anti-lock brakes and memory power seats. About the only lacking options are driver airbag and leather interior, both of which were options on 1985 Mercedes. It has the "MB-Tex" interior, which looks like leather, but is much more durable. After 21 years, it still looks like new.

89' Pontiac Safari wagon - A/C, power windows, power locks, cruise, tilt, delay wipers, cornering lights, woodgrain, 3rd seat, AM-FM-cassette, rear window defrost, luggage rack, power driver seat, etc. I am not sure what all of these items were actually optional by 89'. Most/all of these items may have been standard by 89'. Does anyone know what all options were actually standard on the 89' GM full-size wagons? I do know at least two options it lacks - power antenna and power passenger seat, as only the driver seat is power operated.

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My car is a 1974 LeSabre Luxus Convertible.

-455 4BBL, THM 400 Transmission

-AM-FM Stereo with dual rear speakers

-Steel Belted Radial Whitewall Tires

-Heavy Duty Engine and Transmission cooling

-Air conditioner

-Color coordinated custom front and rear seat belts (2 each)

-Speed alert and trip odometer

-Soft Ray tinted glass

-Front and Rear bumper guards

-Door Guards

-Outside Rear View sport mirrors (left and right remote)

-Power Seat 6-Way, Bench Seat

-Power Windows

-Front Fender light monitors

-Cruise Master

-Tilt and Telescoping Steering Wheel

-Electric Door and Seat Back Locks

-Low fuel indicator

-Accessory Group (Sunshade Map light, trunk light, courtesy light, electric clock, license plate frames) (Courtesy lights and sunshade light not included in BP67 (convertible))

-Lighted visor vanity mirrors

-Digital clock

-Chrome plated wheels

-Protective Body Side Molding

-Wide Rocker appearance molding, rear quarter lower, front & rear wheel opening molding


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1971 Centurion Convertible


AQ2 - Electric Seat Locks (stated on Buildsheet, but car does not have elec. seat locks)

AU3 - Electric Door Locks

A01 - Soft-Ray Tinted Glass

A31 - Power Windows

A39 - Color Coordinated Custom Front & Rear Seat Belts

A42 - Power Seat 6-way

A90 - Electric Trunk Release

B84 - Protective Body Side Mouldings

B93 - Door Guards

C50 - Rear Window Defroster

C60 - Air Conditioning

D33 - Remote Control Outside Rear View Mirror

D90 - Body Side Paint Stripe

F40 - Firm Ride Suspension

K30 - Cruise Master

P26 - H78-15 Whitewall Tires

L76 - Modified High Performance 455

M40 - TH400 Transmission

N95 - Wire Wheel Covers

T87 - Front Cornering Lamps

U15 - Speed Alert & Trip Odometer

U63 - Sonomatic Radio

V30 - Front & Rear Bumper Guards

Y58 - Accessory Group - Trunk Light, Electric Clock, License Plate Frame

Added Options:

GU5 - 3.23 Axle (1973 Option)

G80 - Limited Slip Differential (1973 Option)

P05 - Chrome Plated Wheels

U05 - 4 Note Horn

WC2 - Custom Rear Body Mouldings



1971 LeSabre Custom 4 Door Sedan


Custom color coordinated seat belts

Tinted Windshield

Power Windows

6 Way power seat

Chrome door window frames

Door edge guards

Dark Brown vinyl top

Air Conditioning

Remote control outside rear view mirror

HD suspension

350-4bbl engine

Sunshade maplight

Speed alert

Trip odometer

Trunk light

Courtesy light

Electric Clock

AM radio (now AM/FM)

License plate frame

I installed the chrome wheels on it for Rochester...they'll come back off after the trip.


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How about a '60 Lesabre wagon with no options! stick, manual steering & brakes,poverty steering wheel, clear glass. Boring in it's day and now quite interesting. How do we get so obsessed with all this stuff? Mitch

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Since this is the Buick forum, I'll start with my Buick

1970 Buick Riviera

455 4v, automatic, power seats, power windows, power door locks (?),A/C

1970 Buick Riviera -second car, same as above, different color

1972 Pontiac Grand Ville convertible

455 4v, automatic, 308 axle, limited slip differential, deluxe seat belts, tinted glass, power windows, 6 way power seats, notch back seat, body side moldings, belt reveal moldings, rear center lower molding, door edge guards, rr w/opg mldg, A/C, courtesy lamps, directional warning lamps, remote control mirrors, custom trim pads, dual exhaust, deluxe steering wheel, tilt wheel, front fender molding, cornering lamps, luggage compt lamp, glove box lamp, ash tray lamp, electric clock, deluxe radio, rear speakers.

1953 Pontiac Chieftain Deluxe

flathead 8, auto transmission, deluxe interior

1955 Pontiac Cheiftain stationwagon

don't know yet, it arrives next week

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Essentially, most of what I know about my cars is at my car page. If you click on each link, at the bottom of the page has some specs on the car...the option list isn't definitive for any of them.

I do have GM Canada documentation for the Wildcat though, and it has:

A02 - Windshield glass - tinted

C08 - Exterior soft trim roof cover

C50 - Rear Window defroster - blower type

C60 - Air conditioning manual control

J50 - Vacuum power brakes

N40 - Hydraulic steering

P99 - 8.45-15-4 PR tire - Hwy - w/wall

T87 - Lamp cornering

U15 - Speed warning indicator

U69 - Radio - AM/FM pushbutton

It probably doesn't have everything, but I suspect it is a reasonably well-optioned car.

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1). 1960 Buick Electra 4-door sedan


Power Seats

Power Windows

Tinted glass

Door edge guards

2). 1963 Impala convertable

A/C (in dash)

Power Steering

Power brakes

327-250 HP V8

Automatic trans

Tinted glass

2 speed wipers W/washer

dual sport mirrors

3). 1963.5 Ford Galaxie 500 XL "sports roof"

390 V8 (biggest engine with Automatic


Power Steering

Power brakes

vinyl roof


AM/FM (first year)

Motorola reverb

Emergency brake warning lamp

4-way flashers

Wire knock-off wheel covers

hood ornament

Dual mirrors

Day/night mirror

1961 Plymouth Savoy 2-door Club sedan

Sonoramic Commando engine option (413 with cross ram induction & 2 Carter AFB)

Torqueflight automatic

radio delete

Deluxe heater

Power brakes


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My 65 Wildcat Custom 4 dr. H.T. has:

power steering

power brakes

parking brake warning light

backup lights

whitewall tires

cloth bench seats with armrests (standard seats were notchback vinyl)

day/night mirror

remote outside mirror

6 way power seat

power trunk

power windows and vents

AM/FM radio with power antenna and dual speakers

rear window defroster

floor mats


tilt steering

The automatic transmission, clock, rear seat lighter, trunk, glove box/map and courtesy lights were standard.

My 67 Riviera has:

manual a/c

power windows

power seat (4 way)

power door locks

power trunk

AM/FM stereo radio with a power antenna and dual speakers

Electro Cruise

cornering lights

remote outside mirror

chrome wheels

operating console

Custom interior trim

front disc brakes

tinted glass

H70-15 redline tires (only the spare remains)

Gran Sport package

door edge guards

4 note horn

vinyl top

rear defroster

fast ratio power steering

floor mats

tilt steering, power steering and brakes as well as the automatic transmission and clock were standard.

my 75 Electra Limited has these

tinted glass

power trunk

dual 6 way power seats

air cushion restraint system

automatic power door locks

floor mats

trunk carpeting

door edge guards

chrome wheels

electric rear window defogger

Automatic Climate Control

door-mounted courtesy/warning lights

variable delay windshield wipers

illuminated vanity visor mirror

dual remote mirrors

outside thermometer

convenience center (mini console)

heavy duty suspension

automatic level control

80 amps delcotron

positive traction differential

cruise control

whitewall tires

speed alert

headlamp-on warning light and buzzer

high capacity maintenance free battery

4 note horn

low fuel indicator

lamp monitoring system (front and rear)

cornering lights

AM/FM stereo radio with 4 speakers

automatic power antenna

fuel economy gauge

front and rear bumper guards

heavy duty cooling (4 core radiator)

moulding group

mandatory canadian base equipment modifications

trim and color override ( I don't know what this is...)

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I have a '67 Wildcat Custom convertible that was built at the Doraville(Atlanta),Ga. plant.Originally finished in White with a white convert top and black interior. Being refinished in Tomato Red .This is a loaded car!

Automatic temperature control A/C

Bucket seats with driver side 4 way power

Full console floorshift and tachometer

Tilt steering column

Electro-cruise control

Delco am/fm stereo radio

Electric antenna


Remote trunk release-vacuum


Wood sport steering wheel

Deluxe floor mats

Cornering lamps

Chrome road wheels

3.23 positraction axle

Dual exhaust

"Starwars" aircleaner

Tinted glass

4 note horn

Super turbine transmission

HD cooling

Plus ,I have installed a '66 Riviera GS fast ratio steering box!

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Hey Adam... Nice LeSabre Custom 4dr. I do not remember you having that one. Did you purchase it recently? I do not think I have seen many of the 71 "Customs", especially in 4dr sedan form.

<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Quote:</div><div class="ubbcode-body">1971 Centurion Convertible

wheel_swap005.jpg </div></div>

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I am not exactly sure what he is talking about (I thought I knew everything about the Pontiacs of this era <img src="http://forums.aaca.org/images/graemlins/laugh.gif" alt="" />)... I think he may be referring to the "cornering lights"? These were indeed optional on all of the full-size 71-76 Pontiacs, even on the base Catalina. As you probably already know, these are the big white lamps on the side of the front part of the front fenders that illuminate the way you are turning at night.

I personally have never seen the "fiber optic" light monitors on the Pontiacs of this era (or any other era). As far as I know, these were never offered on the Pontiacs of this era. Mostly was a Buick and Cadillac option, they were however offered as options in the late 60s as options on full-size Chevrolets, but were mostly reserved for the Caprice's and was a rare option. 1969 for sure, but not sure about the 1970 models. I know that some owners of these cars will be a hefty price to get this option. I have seen them for sale on e-bay before and they command high prices.

<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Quote:</div><div class="ubbcode-body">JD - On your Grand Ville - what's a "directional warning lamp?" Is this the fibre optic monitors that sit up on the fenders? </div></div>

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1 - 1994 Roadmaster wagon - all available options; woodie delete.

2 - 1982 Riviera convertible - all available options.

3 - 1979 Ford LTD wagon - only options: 351 Windsor; air; luggage rack; AM-FM cassette.

3 - 1969 Ford Falcon Futura wagon - only options: 302 Windsor V-8; C-4 automatic; Philco AM radio; power steering; remote driver door rear view mirror; tinted windshield; "2 Way Magic Doorgate" (no power brakes, no air).

- ranchero -

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