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1938? doge truck serial number


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Guest BillP

Built between Sept 1940 and Sept 1941. 3/4 ton, 120 inch wheelbase. Model number is WD-15. 85 horsepower, 170 lb. ft. of torque 218 cubic inch L-head six. 5,841 3/4 ton trucks built in the US in calendar 41.

1939 saw the introduction of the so-called Job Rated trucks. The most obvious physical feature different from the previous line is the pointed hood with louvers in the side and front, as well as similar louvers in the front apron between the fenders. The 1939 trucks had the headlights mounted in the catwalks between the fender peaks and the sides of the hood. Also the stainless trim strip curved down in front to follow the fender line. The 3rd obviuos difference in 39s vs 40 thru 47 is the non-sealed beam headlights.

Do you have anything other than the number tag for this truck?

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Hi Bill, I only have the tag plate and the passenger door. The truck is in a junk yard in Arizona, its been picked clean, only a few parts remain. I bought the door and I'm shipping it to the UK to display at an art show. Was just interested to find out a little more about it. Thanks for your speedy response!


I have attached a picture of the truck as it is, the door with the bullet holes is on its way to me !


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