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1937 headlight shell disassembly

Guest 1937RHDNZ

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Guest 1937RHDNZ

I had the misfortune to go over a bad bump, and in the process the phenolic board that hold the 3 terminals, park, high & low beam, became dislodged and nicely shorted to the chassis. The 2 corner mounting holes had broken, leaving the board to 'float' a little. A temporary quick insulating fix wasn't too difficult, in fact they may have been broken for quite some time.

So I decided to build a whole new mounting board. My problem arose when I tried to get the reflector holding cone out of the shell.

Does the headlight shell need to be broken into two pieces to access an inside nut, because if it does, then I am stonkered, because 'somebody' has welded the shell pieces together at the lens end. Maybe a good idea, as it would keep the reflector, glass lens etc nice and stable. Not so good an idea when you want to pull the shell apart. I have no wish to grind out the weld and repaint etc.

Could some kind person tell me if the 2 headlight shell pieces need to separate to remove the internals.

ps I can replace the board without pulling everything apart, but I would just like to to be able to check large back screw alignment control, as it doesn't seem to be working properly while I have the light off the car.

Thanks Neil.


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