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1936 buick century 61 sedan, paint colors


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I found a local paint shop that dug into their archives and found a

paint chip set for the 1935 - 1936 years. I don't know the condition

of the chips but the Francis cream chip is lost. OK with me.

My car is Casino beige but I wish to change it to the maroon but I

havn't seen the chip colors yet. I heard that in judging the car, no

points will be deducted if an appropriate color for 1936 is used. One

doesn't have to stay with the original "Casino Beige".

Is this correct for the AACA and the BCA??



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Hi, Tom.

The BCA judging handbook is on their website, including all of the acceptable color combos, listed by year. I checked them for the same reason. They don't officially ding you for changing the color, but I've read that judges prefer cars whose color matches the paint code on the body plate. I don't know about AACA.


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