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1923 Model T Ford Judging Question

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Hi All,

We at McPherson College are restoring a 1923 Model T Roadster. We have decided to try to show it when it is finished. Authenticity of parts should be no problem.

We have been debating on the paint finish of the chassis. It is currently semi-gloss which (I believe) is as good or better than original (no drip, runs, dry spots, etc). Should we over-restore it to a high gloss like the body so it is more competitive because most, if not all of the other Model T's shown that day will be also, or should we leave it semi-gloss as authentic and hope for the best?

Thanks for your input,


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Chris, Diz is right. Over restoration does not add nor deduct points. Incorrect (non-authentic, i.e. chroming parts that should have been nickel etc.) restoration will cost you points.

Case in point, years ago at Hershey there was a very unusual car. On the fire wall of the engine compartment was the most awful looking black stuff that coated a hole where wires came through. Guess what? It was totally correct that it looked that bad. So no points where deducted.

Restore it correctly and let the world see what Henry really did. The joke is, "Henry Ford never turned out a four hundred point car". grin.gif

Good luck with your project.

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Thanks for the tips.

The only area we would over-restore would be the paint. We have nickel plated everything. We'll use original type upholstery, etc.

You might be hard pressed to find a 350 point Model T from the Ford factory, never mind a 400 pointer.

We will try to leave out the original style drips and runs in the paint, crooked upholstery pleats, wrinkles in the top, etc.

Thanks again,


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Double check your research with the Model T clubs. A simple post on their forums can produce all the info you'll need. As far as I know, the chassis was painted no differently than everything else that rolled out of Ford at that time - nice shinny gloss black. The semi-gloss paint used today to detail the chassis of GM muscle cars probably didnt even exist in 1923, and for sake of economy, one paint would have done the trick. Ive got an unrestored 15t Chassis and parts of it are clean and shiny as if Id restored it yesterday. Ive seen NOS components that are also as shiny as anything you'd consider "over restored."


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