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Reatta owner's age

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1951 was a very good year. When the Reatta was released I was driving an 80 Toronado and had two little kids, so the Reatta was not going to work

as a family car. I kept the Toro through 91, it was such a nice car to drive. But I kept remembering that I still wanted a Reatta, and bought my 90

about 7 years ago from the original owner with just over 57,000 miles on it, now it has 62,000 + miles and still makes me smile when I drive it. It has

a few things that need to be checked out and I try to keep it in nice shape. For the long run.

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Still here, still have two Reattae, Fieros have been replaced by a Crossfire with a 6 speed and Jeep usually has the rear seat folded so 2 seats and a lot of luggage space. Do prefer sixes except for when not being PC.

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I am 84 and the last I saw of my '90 Maui coupe was in January when Jim Finn drove towards Las Vegas with it! Does selling crank am repair kits, sun visor clips and replacement tops for the convertibles count or should this go on the Buy/Sell Forum?


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