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Peter, I have a hybrid that i built. it is based on aircraft starter gens , a vw transaxle and a 16 hp gas engine. it works sweet and is a lot of fun. i am still working on the body and ergonomics but should be pushing it on the road soon. if anyone is interested i could share specifics. i am using a Kaylor transaxle adaptor probably the only one on the road still. berry

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The one I go to a lot is http://www.evconvert.com/. It covers all aspects of electric cars.

I built my own electric Yugo last year and had a ball running it until I burned up the 5 HP Motor.

Now I have an 8 HP motor and am changing the battery packs to 72 volt.

It is hosted by Jerry Halstead. A really nice guy and very knowlegable. He is building his second car and you can read the story of his first one on the site.

This site, http://www.austinev.org/evalbum/ shows all the people building electric cars all over the world, or in your state. <img src="http://forums.aaca.org/images/graemlins/wink.gif" alt="" />

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