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Save a '37 coupe from an ignoble fate

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<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Quote:</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Don't let the missing parts scare you off. They *are* all available:


Someone save this car! </div></div>

Was anyone else surprised by the final selling price given the "missing" (and wrong!) parts which "*are* all available"? Ha! yeah right Cecil! Find me a pair of NOS tailight lenses! just making fun!!

Still given the condition it was in - it looked as if someone took a die grinder to the entire body just to grind the rust off and make it look "pretty" for the auction. And let's not forget the missing original drivetrain and chassis/suspension components.

Undoubtedly, at $20k, I think this '37 is, unfortunately, headed for an ignoble fate as Cecil put it best. A resto to concours - even original condition - would simply cost too much to buy all the missing parts.

I think we just seen the next 1/2 million dollar resto-rod change hands here folks.

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I said the parts were "available", not necessarily cheap! wink.gif

The hardest part to find in any condition -- the '36/7 radiator pan.

If they do rod this car, I hope they at least don't chop it.

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Hey Dale -

I actually have two new reproduction ones made by Roy Thorson's son made using CNC machinery. They are much nicer and stronger than the originals, and are cut from solid pieces of brass. The extra one I have needs to be bent to fit the grill and then chromed.

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They haven't made the repros in over 10 years, and even they are hard to come by. It's interesting to see all the grills and cars that come up for auction on ebay -- I don't think I've seen one with an intact moulding.

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