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Dash & Instruments ID Please?!


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Guest carlnut50

It's a 1956 Chrysler product but not a Plymouth.Plymouth had idiot lights for oil press and generator in 56.55 cars didn't have push button and 57 cars don't have round gauges.

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Guest De Soto Frank

I will "Second" the '56 opinion.

'55 MoPars had the automatic tranny selector as a stalk that sprouted out of the face of the dash-board, to the right of the gauges.

( the dash in the pic is up-side down; the push-buttons were to the extreme left, as installed in the car.)

The '55 & '56 De Soto's had a great dash design: a "gull-wing" configuration that dipped low in the center, with the radio in the center section.

The upper dash was metal, with a pebble-grain texture, and painted a matte black; there were colored inset panels right & left, with the gauge-cluster on the left, and the speaker grille and glove box on the right.

Atop the center of the dash, in a little "pod" was the clock, which at a quick glance lloked like it could've been a factory tach...

Brings back fond memories of driving my pink & white '55 Fireflite !


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WOW! Thanks for the fast, knowledgable replies! I'm going through the attic spaces of a couple of my parent's barns. I know he never had a Desoto, but my well to do uncle did... My dad dabbled in Model A's before I was born, and there are misc. bits here and there. Some wheels, (although maybe later than A? all spokes cross, there are no radial ones?) lights, a couple heads, a bellhousing & trans (another "what is it" photo attached), a somewhat rusty A engine that "needed a new poured bearing" when it was removed... Appologies for the poor angle of the pics, I just poked my head into the crawl space to take them...


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