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Identify 193? Hupmobile Dash??


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I have a 4 clyinder Hupmobile engine (Complete) was running 10 years ago.Still has the Frame,Transmission Radiator, Carb, Coil.Has some body parts Hood.Radiator surround,Firewall,Dash.Gauges.Has the slanted louvers on Hood so Must be a model R? The year and model I am not sure of. I am looking for more information and a BUYER for this car.This car belongs to my elderly uncle and if not sold will be sold as scrap iron. I have some pictures.and can send via E MAIL.I WOULD LIKE ONE OF YOU EXPERTS TO TELL ME WHAT MODEL I HAVE!!

Can you tell by looking at the Gauge array on the dash?

Do the casting numbers on the engine mean anything?

Car is in Northeastern Minnesota


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Guest Debby Soucia

If you have the book "The Hupmobile Story From Beginning to End" by Bill Cuthbert page 79 has one like yours but it is a 1922 Seris R Hupmobile instrument panel. Maybe look under this year!


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