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'54 Buick Roadmaster 2dr Hardtop

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My Uncle is needing to sell his "beloved car". It is a '54 Buick Roadmaster 2dr hardtop in very good condition. He has cancer and does not have much longer to be here. How is the best way to let people know about this car being for sale? From what I understand it is rare to find this car in this good of condition and running good.

Thanks for your help.

Angela Hart

Jacksonville, Texas

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Angela, please add a picture of your car to this post, or send it to me and I'll see that it gets on the forum. We have more than one

"For Sale" forum on this web site. I'll post it in the correct forum when you have a picture avaiable. Also let us know where the car is located.

My e-mail...

Welcome to the forum! <img src="" alt="" />

Wayne Burgess

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