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Weekend mechanic brake fluid flush


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Hi,<P>I just bought a '90 Reatta with 52k and have been getting it back on track in regards to maintenance. Could someone outline the steps for flushing the old brake fluid out and replacing it with new DOT 3? I have done this on other cars, basically open the bleeder screw, press the pedal, close the bleeder screw, refill master cylinder, etc... Is this the same procedure for the Reatta?<BR>Thanks<P>Adam

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Guest wally888

You can not manually bleed the rear brakes.<BR>You can manually bleed the front brakes after depressurizing the system. I used the method below and got a flow of clear fluid from all bleeders but there might have been some old left inside someplace?<BR> Suggested steps:<BR>You must 1st. depressurize the system! Key off, pump pedal 25+ times until pedal is hard. Do not turn the key on until fronts are bled and reservoir is refilled the 2nd. time!<BR> <BR>Being very careful, you can remove the hose from reservoir to system ( has plastic fitting, will break!) and drain completely. Need to prepare something to catch all the old fluid. Re attach hose.<BR> At this point you can fill the reservoir somewhat above the fill line as you will be draining fluid from the front bleeders next.<BR>Bleed the front brakes using push pedal, open bleeder, close bleeder, pedal up method.<BR> After you have a clear flow from both fronts( one at a time) you can refill reservoir somewhat above fill line and turn the key on.<BR> Pedal operator can slightly depress pedal, hold, and you can bleed a rear until it runs clear,keep reservoir filled at least to fill line, repeat for other rear.( the 2nd rear should run clear much sooner than than the 1st.)<BR> Key off, pump pedal 25+ times until pedal is hard, refill reservoir to line.<BR> Having done this only once, I hope others will edit and make suggestions!<BR> I bought 2 large cans of Dot 3 and almost emptied both.<BR> You might read ,"Brakes", at site below.<P>------------------<BR> <A HREF="http://www.reatta.net" TARGET=_blank>www.reatta.net</A> has supplemental info re.88, 89 and 90 Reatta Brakes.<BR>Please inform me of any new info, info needing editing or errors. A work in progress.

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