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1931 833 Restoration

Tom M

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  • 3 months later...

The place that did the work was

D&D Classic Bright Works

Piqua, Ohio

Cost was $2400 for the headlamps, tail light bezel, and two wheel hub covers.

I received a referral from a few people here and from Packard Information.com stating that he does some outstanding work which he did but now my pockets are empty :o

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  • 1 month later...

Spent most the day trying to get old Bessie fired-up and here you go,

<embed type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowfullscreen="true" allownetworking="all" wmode="transparent" src="http://static.photobucket.com/player.swf?file=http://vid153.photobucket.com/albums/s210/packin31/Engine_Fired-up_05_29_2010.flv" height="361" width="600">

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  • 1 month later...

The oil pan had a few crack in it so the shop that did the metal work for me sent it off to welder that specializes in welding aluminum. I pickup the oil pan earlier this week. Ground down the welds got it all painted and pretty and reinstalled.

Fired her up the following day and took her out of her hibernation shed for a few mile drive.

Today was clean out garage day. Which was way over due. So I fired up old Bessie and parked her outside. Once I completed my task of cleaning and straighten out the garage I took Old Bessie with my co-pilot Harley out for a little longer driver (roughly 20 miles) and out on some of the so called major roads. Harley loved the wind in your face ride since I don't have the windshield install yet (Ahh free ac smil3dbd4daabd491.gif )

Attach are a few pictures of her out in the Sun finally. Not the best but at least you can see what it looks like outside in natural lighting.





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Steve and Don,

Thank you very much for the compliments.

Without this forum and some painting forums I don't think I would be where I am at as of today.

So does the car look cool or what without them big fenders hanging off of it :cool:

They are the next thing on my agenda to hopefully get painted this summer.

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  • 6 months later...

Here are some photos of the roof material that my younger brother and I install late last summer

From My other blog

"With the help of my younger bother last week. We got the windshield installed.

We also install the fabric/vinyl roof material. It was not as hard to install as one would thought. I think the installation went a little easier is because I took out the chicken wire for support of the material and replaced it with a 1/8" thick piece of birch plywood. I glued and screwed the wood to the bows and on the edges I used some top of the line block urethane caulk.

Before installing the material I had this bright idea why not take some extra steps and figure out how can I seal up the seams and all the extra holes in the roof gutter from the previous roof material. While walking around the home store I glanced over to the gutter isle and a bell went off in my head ahh here we go a 4" x 10' roll of gutter/chimney repair/seal stuff. It worked like a charm. I wish I would of taken pictures of all my steps for you to all see but I did not. Was just so up on getting the material installed it slipped my mind."

The installation was done after I had painted the car. We made sure to tape off the work area so not to damage the paint.




More can be seen here

http://s153.photobucket.com/albums/s2 ... ackard%20Top%20Installed/

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Looks like you did an excellent job. Almost on the road?
Yes I have put 350 miles on her since getting her back out of a long hibernation. :)

Was hoping to get the rear fender painted last summer but they needed more work then I had originally thought. Hopefully this summer I can get them painted and then onto the front monsters.

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  • 6 months later...

Some progress this summer.

Had new running boards made (first pic), powder coated and I have releasable them and installed on car.

Reassemble luggage rack and installed on car.

Painted, wet-sanded and buffed rear valance (cover over gas tank) and install.









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  • 1 month later...

Yesterday I sprayed the some SPI bed liner on the underside of the fenders.

Was going to brush it on but I did not like the way it was brushing. So I decided to put the 2.2 tip in the HF purple gun I use for spraying the High Build and Epoxy with and this is the results I got out of it. It turned out pretty decent I must say.

After going hog wild yesterday spraying the undersides.

Late today (after Bears game) I got the topside sprayed with some SPI SS Black.

Will get some better pictures tomorrow with some natural light on them.




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  • 8 months later...

A few updates.

Last few weeks I have been stripping wooden spokes on the rims and staining them as I go. Will take some pictures soon and post them.

Today I received the Trunk Rack Lock Knobs from the machinist that my brother works with.

The one on the left are the new ones. What he did was tapped the center and made a screw that can be threaded in to it to hold down the locking part.

The last picture is from Kanter as you can see the difference on the assembly. One would need to peen over the end thin rod to hold the locking part in place.




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Some progress on the rims. Have then stained and first cost of Satin Spar Urethane. In a day or two I will lightly sand them with 220 and then put another coat of Spar Urethane but that coat will be gloss.

Once I have the wood portion finished I will tape them off so I could sand the metal portion, epoxy prime, a few coats of SPI Single Stage Black and they should be ready for tires which I still need to order.

First two picture are without flash last one is with flash.

Attach file:

<hr noshade="noshade" size="1">

jpg.gif RIMS_COMPRESSED.jpg <small>(146.84 KB)</small>


jpg.gif RIMS_COMPRESSED_1.jpg <small>(160.62 KB)</small>


jpg.gif RIMS_COMPRESSED_2.jpg <small>(149.90 KB)</small>


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  • 3 weeks later...

Some more progress on the rims. We did our traditional fourth of July at Indiana home. Got back home on Thursday morning so I spent most of the after noon, evening and Friday prepping the rims for epoxy primer and SPI SS Black.

Got up early on Saturday did 4 rims and on Sunday did 2 rims. Each rim I sprayed two coats of epoxy primer let it setup for about four hours then sprayed 3 coats of the black.

Last week I order tires from Universal and I received them on Tuesday two days earlier then I expected them to arrive. So now that I have the tires, rims all painted they are almost ready to go. I just need to get the snap rings off to the platter and get them platted and then they will be ready for the new skins.

Attach file:

jpg.gif web4101.JPG <small>(75.49 KB)</small>


jpg.gif web4102.jpg <small>(77.35 KB)</small>


jpg.gif web4103.jpg <small>(72.97 KB)</small>


jpg.gif web4104.jpg <small>(82.87 KB)</small>


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You should had painted the rims after you installed the snap rings:o One trick I used as not to mar the painted rims is to put a few layers of duct tape lightly on the edge of the metal rims before installing the lock rings. The should protect the paint though you still may end up having to tough up the paint.

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I was wondering to myself on how to protect the edges since them snap rings were a beast to get off. Thanks for the tips.

Thought about painting after tire were installed but that would of been a whole lot of taping :)

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  • 4 weeks later...
  • 2 years later...

Hi All,

Been sometime since I have posted. I have finally dropped my 31 883 468 Coupe off at the upholsterer to have the interior finally done. The trim man had asked me if I knew how the Passenger Seat-back was fasten.

Does anyone here know if it was fasten to the rear wood structure and if so how was it done or does it just set in place so it can be removable?


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  • 2 months later...

Here are some pictures of Old Bessie 1931 Packard April 2015








She is all painted now; interior completed but as you know there is always something to do to these old gals smil3dbd4e5e7563a.gif .

Have a great day




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