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Engine overheat!


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When I start engine I recived message on CRT engine overheat. But on gauge I have normal temp. After a 10 min I have black smoke from enx. Is it any sensor?

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Black smoke is norally associated with a very rich fuel mixture. If that's the case get it fixed or you will overheat the catalatic converter. This damages the inside of the converter and can set your carpet on fire. More blue colored smoke is engine oil. Sometimes it is hard to tell if it is more black or blue. If the engine really was overheating and after a bit it started burning oil bad you might have damaged your engine.<P>There are 2 temp sencers on the 3.8L. It is possable for one coolant sencer to be good and one to be bad. That could give you the differance between the CRT and the gauge. To be safe it is better to believe the car is overheating than not.<P>You need to figure out if it is overheating. See what the coolant temp is reading to the ECM. Does that reading seem accurate? If the hoses at too hot to touch for a second or if the overflow starts to bubble it may be overheating. When it's cold check the radiator and overflow leval. I would also check the car for computer codes. I would look for the overheat problem before looking to see if it smokes and why. A bad CTS may cause it to run too rich and desplay faulse overheat readings.<P>Causes of overheating:<BR>Low coolant/leak/air pocket<BR>Head gasket<BR>Cooling fan problem<BR>Water pump<BR>Clogged cooling system/radiator<BR>thermistat <BR>Radiator cap<P>You did not say how the car ran when this happened but a restricted exhaust or bad ECM could also cause this overheating. <P>Tom<P>Tom<P>

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